Corian® Solid Surface

We have been working with Solid Surface of different types for almost 20 years and have accumulated a broad experience in this field. Today we are the nordic region’s leader and are in the top 10 in Europe. As a licensed Corian® Quality Network manufacturer, our products are covered by Dupont’s 10-year warranty. This means that our factory and staff are certified which is a safety for you and your customers. 



Dupont™ Corian® is outstanding durability and is suitable for exclusive design. It has high resistance to scratches and shocks that can occur with daily wear and tear.  Corian is consisting of 2/3 parts natural minerals and 1/3 part acrylic.

The material was produced by DuPont™ in the sixties under the name which is the original and most famous Solid Surface brand.

The material has a long life. It’s stain and heat resistant. It is resistant to splinters, cracks and high frequency use.
Corian® have a smooth and non-porous surface and is easy to keep clean and is renewable. The material is easy to repair and renew.


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